I’m a tiny girl with a tiny dog.  I run to eat and eat to run.

I seek adventures near and far — both athletic and cerebral.  I love to run, bike, swim, hike, scuba dive, ski, read (mostly non-fiction), self-taught knitter and I love to make jewelry. I am also a total foodie, I am self taught from reading cookbooks and watching the Food Network.  You can see I am a Jane of all sports and expert of none.  In my mind I am way more graceful, faster and more skilled at every sport and endeavor than I am in real life, which is sometimes hard to reconcile.  I was born in Hawaii and moved to Oregon and now live in Colorado — so it seems even by location I was meant to love water and mountains equally.

I’m a serial monogamist, but have been single for almost more years than I’ve been in relationships.  The only guy who has put up with me for the long haul is Koa.

I’m a grassroots and brand marketing guru based in Louisville, Colorado.  If you need someone to help you define your brand and create a marketing plan for you (and execute it), I’m your girl.


Koa (“brave warrior” in Hawaiian) is a long-haired chihuahua, rescued by the Colorado Corrections program.

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