Children’s Hospital Colorado Fundraiser

Children’s Hospital Colorado Fundraiser

I started creating bracelets in the spring of 2013 as a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Colorado.  The program I support is the Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy program.  This program supports children who are dealing with health or psychological issues with arts, music, dance and yoga.

I KNOW, that cash Emoji is sometimes hard to come by and we all have our own favorite passions and causes (even if those causes are golfing, skiing, prairie dogs, retirement, or even holding on to it for dear life!).  So, instead of asking you to make a flat donation…I am again “selling” bracelets for your kind donations.

GUYS, I know what you’re thinking…I don’t wear bracelets! (thank you, btw) BUT, I know there is a mom-grandma-sister-wife-girlfriend that would LOEmojione!
I’m again, raising money for the Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado — through the Courage Classic Emoji Ride.

The Creative Arts Therapy program helps children cope with their illnesses both physical and psychological through the Arts, Dance, Music and Yoga therapies.  This program is not funded by the hospital, but totally through our donations.  The Creative Arts Therapy Program depends on the Courage Classic ride as one of it’s main fundraisers for the year.  Meet some of the kids in the program at this link.

My goal for this year is again $2,000 — with a stretch goal of $2,500 Emoji.

The Courage Classic is a 3-day bike ride through the Colorado mountains Emoji.  We ride between 40-80 miles a day depending on the day and the distance you choose.  This year, I’m aiming for the 80-mile first day (what’s widely known as the Copper Triangle) ride that will take me over three mountain passes…yikes! (find out more here:

Pictured here, you’ll find this year’s bracelets — inspired by the lovely Chan Luu…and if you missed out on last year’s model (or want a different color) you can order last year’s wire wrapped bracelet as well. Emoji Click here for 2013 wire-wrapped options.

Every penny of the purchase of these bracelets goes directly to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.  And to ensure this, here is how the process will work:

1.  Go to and make a donation of $50 or more.
2.  You and I will get an automatic email confirming your donation.
3.  I’ll email you and thank you profusely, pledge my undying gratitude and ask you which bracelet you would like and arrange delivery.
4.  You will wear said bracelet and feel very cool and generous. (you can also save your email and deduct this donation from your 2014 taxes!)

You are more than welcome and encouraged to make a donation for less than $50, but there won’t be a bracelet delivered.

Attached are pictures of the bracelets, you can choose your length and your choice of natural stone beads.

Single Leather Wrap: $50 Donation
Double Leather Wrap: $75 Donation
Triple Leather Wrap: $100 Donation (premium stones like turquoise are $125 donation)
2013 Wire-wrapped: $50 Donation
Stone choices: Please choose a color and I will choose the stones, because these bracelets contain so many beads, sometimes particular stones are hard to find — but I can always find a stone that matches a color. (Blues, pinks, purples, metals, greens, yellows, reds, etc.) See attached stones I currently have on hand, but am also open to special requests.

2014 Leather wrapped bracelet: Each bracelet includes an “E” bead, just to remind you that your amazing friend Emelie made you such a gorgeous accessory.
2013 Wire wrapped bracelet: Each bracelet has a little sterling silver charm that reads “Rawr!”, if you’ve ever talked to me, I’ve probably rawr-ed at you a few times!

I will also need to know the circumference of your wrist so I can custom make it to fit just right.

All stones are natural semi-precious stones, the wire and findings are sterling silver, the leather is genuine moo Emoji, the button fasteners are pewter.

Emoji Please expect 2-3 weeks for delivery… 🙂

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