Hear Em Roar

Hear Em Roar

Everyone has a thing, you know that thing that they say or do that if you hang out with them long enough — you find yourself doing that “thing”.

My thing, is I roar.  That is to say I’ll give you a “Rawr” if you deserve it.  My friends know it and will laugh every time I rawr, because it’s still not expected even though I’ve been rawr-ing for years.

Close up of "Rawr!" tag
Close up of “Rawr” tag

Last summer, when I wanted to create a custom tag for the bracelets I was making…putting my name on the tag seemed a bit, well annoying.  Then, I thought — what better than to put Rawr! on the tag!  It was perfect and love at first sight.

These bracelets are wire-wrapped and I only use semi-precious stones.  They say that stones hold their own energy and you are drawn to different stones at different times, depending on what energy you are needing in your life at the time.  I think that is pretty much like most things in life, I believe that people, things, and opportunities come to you when you need them most.

It’s no wonder I am perpetually drawn to rose quartz…the stone of the heart and unconditional love.

The tag can also be thought of as an anthem or secret — every time you wear a bracelet you’ll be reminded how awesome you are, how great life is, and maybe you’ll live a life deserving of a “rawr!”.

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