January brings out two types of people, those that see a new year as a chance to make changes or resolutions and those that don’t make resolutions but hope to make changes to their lives throughout the year.

I’m a bit in both camps.  I love January as a way to say good-bye to all that’s recently happened and to open the door to new experiences and changes.  Usually I write down what things I want to accomplish, learn or experience in the new year.  I’ve been doing this for the past several years.  It’s worked in many cases and in some cases I choose to ignore my January wishes…sometimes as early as February!  I also love to add new “to do” items to my lists as the year moves along and new interests and goals occur to me.

I find that writing down who I’d like to be by the end of 2017, gives me a sort of check list for each day and what I choose to spend my time on.  This year I’m announcing it to everyone what I want to accomplish so maybe I’ll feel more obligated to actually follow through on all of my intentions.

I will knit a sweater.  You may not know that I love to knit, but I’ve put down my needles for an extended period of time and it’s time for me to pick them up again.  I’ve also had trouble committing to a pattern, yarn, color, etc.  This isn’t going to stop me, I’m just going to go for it!  I actually think my first sweater will be this one.  I am even going to purchase the same yarn so I don’t have to do too much thinking and gauging.  I will also knit at least two pairs of these bobbly cable mittens that have eluded me for the past few attempts!

New York Marathon 2016

I am a runner and I will go on many run-cations.  I realized last year that I really do love traveling and participating in different running events.  You are able to see the destination in a way that you would never see from a car.  Already on the list (and registrations paid for!) are the Rock-n-Roll New Orleans 10K (I feel like a 10K is a good place to start for an early in the year race), the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon, The Ragnar Trail Relay in Snowmass, CO, and my last one for the year will be the Kelowna, BC half marathon.  I feel like this is a great schedule to keep me running all year long and motivated to keep my training (and skinny jeans) on!  Next year for sure, a race in Alaska is on the agenda…and maybe a bike ride through France!

I will swim often.  While marathon training this past fall, I haven’t been in the pool for months and I’m dying to get back and start working on my stroke and endurance.  I guess all I have to do is get there and I’ll be hooked again.

I will read several books.  Since my teenage years, I’ve been a voracious reader.  Although, I do come in and out of reading periodically.  Not for any particular reason, just a “lack” of time and a need for a good book.  Recently, I’ve revived my Kindle and have been obsessed with non-fiction titles of all kinds: biographies, American History, World War II, true crimes and I’ll throw in a fiction title here and there.  Books I’m dying to read: Underground Railroad, Hillbilly Elegy, Girl on a Train, Band of Brothers, Steve Jobs, Bowerman and the Men of Oregon and The Violinist’s Thumb.

Cousin’s at Bronco’s Game

I will spend more time with good friends and family.  This one may seem easy and a no brainer, but I don’t live near any family and I’ve only recently been making an effort with my close friends.  I’ve also recently reconnected with two of my cousins and it’s my biggest regret that I haven’t been closer to them my whole life.  This is about to change!  I’ll hopefully be able to plan a Colorado vacation for my immediate family this summer and I’ll schedule a trip to see the cousins again before the end of the year.  This is the first time since high school that I’ve had a good group of girl friends.  I’ve finally decided it’s OK to open up and reveal the parts of me that is usually behind lock and key.  I’ve started a “boozy brunch book club”, where really, I’m the only one that reads the book and we get together and have bottomless mimosas.  Then there are the “slow food dinner parties”.  We’ve already scheduled a Tamale night and I think flavored pasta and ravioli or gnocchi are on the list for the next one.

I will ride my bike, a lot.  I want to ride my bike more than I drive my car to work and I want to ride in the Courage Classic again this year.

I have a job that I love and my co-workers respect me and my contributions.  If you read my last post, you know that I’ve recently left a position and am in transition to a new position.  Since we spend a majority of our time at work, I really do want to do something I love for a company that has the same values as me and that also in return respects me and my contributions.  We’ve all had positions where this wasn’t the case and know what it’s like when all of the stars are in alignment.   I also work best with flexible working hours and if my dog Koa can join me at work everyday.  It may also be time for me to move back to Oregon or start my own company and be my own boss.  I will be answering this question this year and hopefully come to the perfect answer.  This one will not be as easy to check off as my other intentions.

I am financially stable and have made steps toward purchasing my mountain house and retiring!  Last year, I rented several VRBO mountain houses for skiing, hiking and girls trips.  I’ve discovered that I want a mountain house of my own, that I can visit and when the time comes retire in.  I’m also open to a beach house on the Oregon coast or a cabin in Red Feather Lakes, CO.  I also would like to be in a good place financially so I can retire happily and not worry about cash.  I also want to pay off a good percentage of my debt.

Goofing around during a photo shoot.

I will put myself “out there”.  This means that I will not be a hermit and make an effort to meet new people.  I do want to find someone to share my clever wit, camping gear and love for cooking with…as long as he can also share his humor and love for fixing things. 🙂  This also means I’ll be updating my blog more often and hopefully one or two of you will find it interesting.

I think that’s more than enough for now.  I don’t need to stress myself out and feel overwhelmed in the second week of January.  Stay tuned as I start checking things off the list!




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