The Finish Line

The Finish Line

Good news, I finished!  There were times during the run that I doubted that would happen, even less then .5 mile to go — I did want to stop running.  I think I could have used another two months of training to feel better about my run.  However, I don’t think I’d have used those extra two months wisely.  I’m very proud of myself for sticking to the training plan (for the most part) and for completing the race.

Everyone at the start of the race was saying that the NYC Marathon is an amazing experience and that every marathon after will be a total let down.  I have to say, I feel like the NYC Marathon was a bit of a let down after all of the build up.  It’s probably because I was at the end of the race running slowly…so by the time I reached the “amazing” crowds, New Yorkers had lost interest and went back to their daily lives.

There were a ton of people running the marathon and every time I looked up to the course there was a sea of people running and cheering.  Overall, it was a fun race, but I don’t think it was so amazing that I’d want to do it again.  The logistics of the day may have also contributed to my let down.

We started our day at 4:45am to get dressed and ready to make it by 6:00am and catch our VIP bus (provided by Runner’s World) to the start line.  We choked down as much food as possible because we didn’t actually start running until 10:15 for my friend and 11am for me.  Once we got to Staten Island and made our way through the security gates — we decided to wait in the port-a-pottie line.  We stood there for almost an hour and then as soon as we were done we had to head off to our separate starting corrals.

I should have lied about my finishing time so I could start earlier with my friend — and maybe too I’d have seen all of the amazing crowds everyone talks about.  At the end, when I finished, usually there are volunteers standing right at the finish line forcing medals onto your head.  I’m guessing because the crowds are so large earlier in the day, they have the medals about 500 yards from the finish, it was such a let down I thought I had missed the silly medals!

Then you are forced to walk more than a mile to exit the marathon finish shoot.  At this point I just want to lay down in a fetal position and not move.  I made it back to our hotel — almost getting run over by a souvenir cart and angry New Yorkers going to dinner.  Once I got out of my ice bath, all was good.  I do believe I’ll stick to half marathons from now on.

I know this post sounds a bit depressing, but I wish I would have ran better, got to start with my friend and saw how epic the marathon is to those who started earlier and ran faster.  I did have a super fun time in New York and I’m very glad I said “yes” to this opportunity that came my way.  I’m sure I would have regretted saying no.

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