Year of the Woman

Year of the Woman

I’m constantly inspired and in awe of the women who stand up for themselves, for what’s right and for those that can’t stand up for themselves.  In the same respect, I’m also very disappointed in women when I hear them tear eachother down, judge harshly, and disrespect other women.

I’ve noticed as I move along in life, the groups of people who are discriminated against the most, often perpetuate the plight they most want to overcome.  This, I’m sure is not a very popular opinion but one I see replaying every day, over and over.

If women treated EVERYONE, not just (but especially) other women with respect, love and kindness — I feel like we would be further along in life.

You have no knowledge of other people’s struggles and what they are going through in their lives.  I believe a little benefit of the doubt to fellow strangers can go a long way.  Words are our strongest weapon.  They are hurtful in ways we have no way of knowing until it’s too late.

I feel so strongly about lifting up other women, that I am making a conscious effort to change my mindset everyday.  I also am not willing to listen to other women bash other women in my presence.  I am now speaking up that this behavior is not OK and it’s not becoming of anyone.  Being silent is no longer acceptable behavior.

For sure, I have those times where I am jealous of someone else, their life or their ease of moving through life with grace.  Instead of putting them down, I want to lift them up so that they can be an inspiration to other women.

The next time you feel like saying something ugly about another woman — at least just think about why you are saying it and what benefit you’re getting out of those negative comments.  Acknowledgement is the first step to recovery.

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